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Darnella enjoys sharing personal stories about how God has impacted her life and the lives of others. She especially loves writing about those Amazing, “Supernatural Moments” that reveal times when God is significantly moving in our lives.

02 - About Darnella
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Darnella Tyler
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Her desire is to share her origins, journey with God and the various gifts, talents and insights that the Lord has entrusted her with to bring encouragement and hope to the lost and hurting.

02 - Her Books
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Do You Believe God Can Write Your Love Story? Is it possible that God even cares to get this involved in our lives?

What would happen if you decided to trust God with such an important decision, like finding your husband or wife? Do you have dreams of meeting someone special who will love you unconditionally…someone who is specifically appointed by God for you?

Darnella shares the story of her journey of finding God and how God Supernaturally brought her a husband. God confirms to her that it is He Himself orchestrating a “Divine Setup” to bring her and her husband together.

Learn valuable keys and insights as she shares with you the many lessons she has learned along this journey of waiting on God for her husband.
You’ll be amazed at how personally God gets involved in your life!!

Reader Reviews
Authentic and real –  What a testimony! I was so encouraged by this story as I am nearing my 40s and have never been married. To be reminded that God is so intimately interested in our heart’s desire was such a sweet kiss at a time when I am also making myself ready for that special someone. If you are in the waiting and believe the Lord can do miracles, then this book will encourage you.”
–Dizzy Desi
“GOD Came Through Again–Darnella writes her beautiful story as God’s story. Another proven adventure of a supernatural happening. Her faith in God is spelled out in scripture throughout, as she gives all glory to Him.”
–Connie B.

Can a broken life become whole again?

While reading Darnella’s story, you are taken through her experience with rape at a young age, as well as her journey through spousal abuse, adding fear and anxiety to her life. It’s a story of “one life” that, unfortunately also mirrors the painful lives of many women whose stories have never been told.Yet as her story unfolds, surprising events follow that stir you to wonder if there is something even bigger going on. As if someone is directing and somehow reordering the surprising outcome.Even while sensing Darnella’s pain and tears, you’ll begin to find yourself in awe of the chain of events that cause the amazing transformation of her life from “Tears to Joy!”Not only is this a story of God’s power to transform a life, it’s also a wonderful testimony of His Supernatural Intervention in bringing two individual lives together as husband and wife to serve God and fulfill His purpose!

Reader Reviews
REDEMPTION!–A beautiful account of how one woman got her life back. A life of freedom, redemption and love. Tears to Joy is an encouragement to all who read it.
–Connie B.
The love of God and our willingness to trust him will never be in vain– Darnella’s account of her life’s journey, the pain and betrayal she experienced depicts what our lives can become when we truly have faith. Her openness and honesty touched my heart. I know that her survival and willingness to share are just the beginning of what will be a life well lived exhibiting strength and courage through the love of God. I hope she continues to share her journey as she grows so many others will be uplifted and find hope in knowing and experiencing Gods will. A good read! More, More, More!
–Trudy M.

About Darnella

Darnella was born in Amityville, Long Island, NY. She always enjoyed writing Poetry and about certain events of her life. She especially loves writing about those Amazing, “Supernatural Moments” that reveal times when God is significantly moving in our lives, highlighting His sometimes unbelievably personal interactions with us. These moments show His Love for us, His Power to transform our lives and His desire for us to know Him personally. She’s always amazed by the Adventures He calls us to be a part of with Him.

Darnella and her husband Nelson are a testimony of how God can bring two people together for His purpose, and have committed their lives to
following God wherever He leads them. God used them to minister to drug addicts, as they took them from the streets of Long Island NY, lovingly leading them to experience the Lord’s power and love in their lives. They saw God powerfully transform these lives that were once broken.

The Lord later called Darnella and Nelson to minister as missionaries in an orphanage and several small villages in the Belizean jungles for 7 years. They had a special passion and ministry to the youth but impacted many of all ages, by bringing fresh inspiration and new understanding through Holy Spirit inspired songs, teaching on praise, worship and the Baptism of the Holy Spirit.
They are continuing their journey following The Lord as He leads them.